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Homestay accommodation provides you with a private, furnished room in a Brazilian home. You may choose homestay with or without meals. This arrangement is excellent for all ages and will provide you with the experience of living in a Brazilian home. You will have fun with your host family, make a lot of friends and learn Portuguese faster.

Youth Hostel (Member of the Hostelling International) is a good choice for those looking for a budget accommodation in a place where you can get to know many different people in a more relaxed and international atmosphere.

Hotel can be arranged and the school will be glad to provide you with different options to choose from in hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars.

Residence Hotel combines the privacy of your own place and the service of a hotel at a reasonable price.

Recreation and Social Events

Nearby attractions, such as visiting the Museum of Portuguese Language and the Latin America Memorial student travel It’s Cool Language Center, organizes day and weekend trips. Ecological trips are offered, too. Information is also available for students who would like to travel independently. We can arrange for sightseeing tours in São Paulo as well.

Short Trips

With privileged location, São Paulo is situated in a short distance from many cities.

There are paradisiac beaches, mountains, ecological reserves, among other attractive places. The coastline is 80Km far from the Capital and has 350Km of seashore. Santos, Guarujá and Peruíbe are the highlights of the southern seaside. The trip around the north coast can include the cities of Caraguatatuba, Ubatuba, Ilha Bela and São Sebastião, all of them of unequal prettiness.

For those who prefer the highlands, Atibaia, 52Km far, cannot be missed. The town is sought for its natural platforms for Delta wings, paragliding jumps and for its delicious fruits of the season, strawberries, particularly. Campos do Jordão, and many alpine town with lots of clean fresh air and many shopping choices, attracts countless visitors in the coldest days of the season. The city lodges the “Winter Festival”, one of the most important events of classical music in the country.

At approximately 140 Km from São Paulo there are spas with very good hotel services.