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Versão Inglês


To bring the student to a close contact to the everyday routine and culture of the language being studied, in a very practical, dynamic and modern way so that the student feels very confident in the use of the language in real situations.


Practical course turned to conversation. Ideal for professionals or future professionals that need a quick learning of the language with high quality.

All the skills : oral, listening, writing and reading comprehension are worked upon accordingly to the needs of the student and ready to dispel all difficulties.

Limited Groups of 2 and 3 students

Ideal for work pals or friends that want to have the dynamism of a group but with emphasis on individual attention and on conversation.

Individual Classes

To those that have in mind a quicker learning and benefiting from a total attention of the teacher besides being able to work on issues of their own interest as well as the advantage of a flexible schedule.

VIP Course

Private classes with native teachers. Objective: To those that want a quick and efficient learning with exclusivity and entirely structured to attend to their goals.

Course Classes per week Duration of class Duration of classes
Regular 2 75 min. Semestral
Intensive I 3 75 min. 3 months
Intensive II 4 75 min. 2 months
Super Intensive 5 75 min. 1 1/2months