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Tip Tour

10 setembro 2013 |

Enjoy São Paulo and learn English at ” Its’s Cool ”! The tip of tourism today is” CULTURAL CENTER BANK OF BRAZIL REVIEW” The greenhouse-size skylight of this cultural center’s 1901 neoclassical home makes the modern and contemporary art exhibits here seem almost to sprout organically. Past ones include “The Magic World of Escher.” Plays [...]

Tip Tour

3 setembro 2013 |

The tip of tourism today is located at ground zero of São Paulo. It is a symbol of the city, for both its historical and religious importance .This place is called ‘’ Catedral da Sé ‘’. The start of construction was in 1913, the inauguration took place in 1954, but the cathedral just won its [...]

Tip Tour

23 agosto 2013 |

The Tip Tour of today is a very old house, located in one of the most important avenues in São Paulo, Casa das Rosas, one of the few 20th century buildings that remain on the avenue. Built in 1935 to house the French style stands out among the skyscrapers with its beautiful gardens that inspire [...]

The New New São Paulo

13 agosto 2013 |
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Enjoy the new São Paulo and learn Porguese at It’s Cool Language Center!!   Stefan RuizIgreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Homens Pretos, a church built by African-Brazilians in São Paulo’s old center.   Brazil’s largest city is being redefined, as waves of adventurous urbanites with fresh ideas turn some of the most blighted [...]


CLAUDIA ROLLI DE SÃO PAULO   O ritmo de crescimento da economia brasileira esfriou, mas seu potencial para atrair trabalhadores estrangeiros está cada vez mais quente. Até junho deste ano foram emitidas 5.431 carteiras de trabalho pela superintendência do Ministério do Trabalho em São Paulo. O número é 23% superior ao de igual período do [...]

São Paulo, Brazil

7 agosto 2013 |

  São Paulo is a city like no other in Brazil. It’s the world’s fourth largest city, the largest metropolis in Latin America and Brazil’s cultural and economic capital. To see the video in Portuguese, click this link Enjoy the city and take Portuguese classes at It’s Cool Internacional. For further information click here.

Happy hours

12 julho 2013 |

Campeonato de Tenis

12 julho 2013 |


12 julho 2013 |

St. Patrick´s day

12 julho 2013 |