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Our equipment and facilities have been conveniently projected so to provide the students with the best condition for language training. Multimedia laboratory, up-to-date audiovisual resources, reading rooms, cable TV and neat and comfortable classrooms meet the students’ needs.

Pleasing atmosphere in the classrooms provides a dynamic and active use of the language. Spontaneous and immediate friendship follows the learning of the language at the same speed, with no more than 6 students per groups for better results.

The reading room / library provides the students with a good variety of books and magazines, that will help them to expand their vocabulary as well as to keep up with what goes on in the world.

In the multimedia laboratory the students are able to practice what has been given in the classroom. The use of softwares properly indicated to his/her degree of knowledge allows for :

1. To clear out his / her grammar difficulties.

2. To speed up his / her reading skill and vocabulary.

3. To practice and improve his / her writing and pronunciation.